Buddy Class Big Balls

Black Day


Earthquake Safe Structures

1.45 pm: We are currently using pasta and marshmallows to create structures. We are then going to test them in out 'jelly earthquake'. The winner will be the tallest structure that's still standing. Check back here for updates!

2.30 pm: And the winner is.........
Ruby and Abbie!

We have learned that triangle bases are stronger than square bases. We now understand why houses have cross bars in their foundations. 

What a messy but fun project!



Yesterday we had our first basketball lessons with Coach Miles. He will be here to teach us new skills on a Tuesday.

New App

We have been learning how to use a new app on the iPads. Today we were just having a play to see learn how to use it. The boys created a dino battle. We think it is pretty cool.

Black Day

Maui and the Sun

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Senior Wheels Day Highlights

Thursday Morning Fun

At the marae, we had a go on stilts. Mrs Simpson has arranged for us to have some at school. This morning we had a great laugh giving them a go!

Wheels and Spider Day


Image result for see you there clipartRoom 4 are hosting assembly this week. Come and see what great things we have been up to so far this term. Remember assembly starts promptly at 2.30 on Friday.

Te Reo Kori

This week we have split into boys and girls to work on learning poi and haka. We have had such a good time learning these traditional art forms.


Ka Mau te Wehi

Ka mau te wehi
He toki koe
Kei runga noa atu koutou
Parahutihuti ana te haere
Ki wīwī, ki wāwā

Anei rā ētahi kīwaha
Hei whakanui i te tangata
Whakamaua kia ita
Taputapu rawa kē
Taputapu rawa kē

Meinga meinga!

Marae Visit

Today we had our trip to the marae. When we arrived we had a powhiri (ceremony of welcome) where we sang, gave speeches, laid a koha and gave hongi's. We had an awesome trip to the marae.

Thank's for having us Taumata O Te Ra!!

Wheels and Spider Day!

Crazy Day

Today is Crazy Day! Thanks Student Council! What an awesome way to end the term!

Rippa Rugby

Man we had a great time at Rippa Rugby yesterday! Thanks for everyone's support!

Friday Funday

We had a great afternoon playing with our friends in Room 3!


On Friday we had some sprint races. Conditions were not perfect but we managed in the end. Even though it was wet, everyone tried their hardest and we had some good races. First up was the athletics champs 100m final. Tommy won for the boys and Hannah won for the girls. Next was the non-competitive sprint races. The juniors had their races first then it was the seniors. After those races there were the house relays. In the juniors Kauri came first, Totara came second, Rimu came third and Matai came fourth. For the seniors, Kauri came first, Rimu came second, Totara came third and Matai came fourth. I think the athletics was a fun and eventful day and I hope everyone enjoyed it!
 - Jock

Buddy Reading

Today we met Room 7 and 8 in the library after lunch. We decided it would be nice to do some impromptu buddy reading together. What a wonderful way to spend a miserable afternoon - reading with our friends!

Crazy Day - Thursday 13th April


Caleb got our first GOLD CERTIFICATE for 2017! This shows great dedication to Mathletics! Well done Caleb!

Working Together

This week, these boys have been writing a scientific report on the food web. We have followed a structure and made sure we included all of the information that we needed. Our writing is very technical and explains some complex relationships. Here we are helping each other in the editing and proof reading part of the writing process.

Halcombe vs Mt Biggs

Today at lunchtime we had a friendly game of Rippa Rugby with My Biggs. This has been a great opportunity for us to put some of the skills we learned last week into a real game!

Thanks for coming to play us Mt Biggs! It was a great game!

ERP Links

Below are the links to help you complete your ERPs. Remember it is due on the 10th April!

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This is what learning looks like in Room 4!

High Jump


We have been looking at classifying vertebrates. Last week we made a classification key to help us work out what animals belong to which group.
Here is the classification key:

Rippa Rugby Training

Today we were lucky enough to have Reece come and teach us some skills. This is going to really help us out when we go the Rippa Rugby tournament. We practised skills and drills. Then we had a game. Thanks Turbos!


Gala Reviews from Room 4:

  • We all had an awesome time at the Gala! - George
  • The Gala was fun and exciting with all of the rides and activities! - Rylie
  • We raised just $18,000 dollars on Saturday! Go Halcombe! - Sophie
  • The Gala was awesome! - Maggie
  • We had a great time at the Gala. The magic crapet rides were a complete success! - Hilton
  • It was a really fun time at the Gala! The surprise jars were awesome!- Daniel

Fun Swimming Sports

Yesterday the weather came to the party and it was a great day to hold the annual Halcombe School Fun Swimming sports. From boogie boarding to the lemon race to the peg hunt, we all got involved and had a great time!

And that my friends is the end of swimming for 2017!

Swimming Sports - Makino

Successful Swimming Sports

Well done to Annabel who took out the Junior Girls Swimming Champ. You swam so well and focussed in your races! Also, well done to Abbie and Jock for coming third! Room 4 is very proud of you!

Well done to Caleb as well. He received the cup for the most improved swimmer. Caleb has worked so hard during swimming lessons. He listens in the pool to how he can improve and works hard to make the improvements. Because of this, his swimming is going REALLY well!

Wonderful Wednesday!

Gosh we are having a great Wednesday! We are settled and working hard! Check us out during Literacy Time!

Ruby, Annabel, Mikayla and Abbie

Our scenario was that Annabel was giving out cookies for her birthday but didn't give one to Abbie. Abbie decided to share her feelings and concerns. Check us out!

Caleb, Kaleb and Lincoln

Our scenario was a person being mean about someone failing a spelling test. We decided it was important to try our own strategies before we got the teacher. This is what we would do!

Maggie, Sophie, Jay and Matthew

Our scenario was: People were telling lies about other people's friends. We decided this was a 'minor' and tried some of our conflict resolution strategies.

Dealing with Conflict

We have been looking at different ways to deal with conflict. We have decided that some conflicts are 'minors' and we can try and use our own strategies. We have agreed that some are 'majors' and we need help to solve it effectively. We are making movies about different strategies we could use to deal with minors. Caleb, George and Jock were the first ones done. Have a look at what they have created.
More to come...

We Have Had a Great Day

Camp Day 1

Room 4 are already hard at work already! We are preparing for a great camp. Thanks to Miss Main's kitchen helpers! Here they are hard at work!

Life Ed

We had our first visit to see Tim and Harold today. We learned about our body and what an amazing thing it is. 

Buddy Swim

On Friday Room 7/8 and Room 4 had a great time at the pool. It was great way to spend our first buddy time for 2017!

Portrait of a Room 4 Kid!

We have been discussing the different qualities of a Room 4 kid! We have then put our ideas into a Pic Collage. Here is Annabel's and Jock's!


The weather may not be coming to the party but we are still enjoying our first few days of swimming!

Room 4 2017

We're loving being back at school and seeing all of our friends that we have missed! Keep up to date here on all of our awesome news!